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Sell my house fast and for more money
Prepare your house to sell fast and for more money

How To Sell My House

Step-by Step Guide to Selling a House

It pays to prepare your house

Buyers are willing to pay more for homes that wow them.  First impressions are important, but a house can lose a buyer’s interest if it doesn’t finish strong as well.  You want your house to look clean, bright, uncluttered and cared for. Any house that has been lived in inevitably shows some areas that could use some maintenance and cosmetic improvements. Here is a list of items that might you might need to address.


Step 1. Maintenance

Buyers will view a house that needs work as less valuable and will adjust their offers accordingly. Sellers can have the repairs done for less money than they will loose on a low offer. Items that should be addressed include repairs to basic systems: plumbing, electrical, structural, wood rot.

  • Painting. If you can’t pant the whole house think about touching up obvious marks on walls and painting the trim and doors, interior and exterior.
  • Yard. Cut and edge the lawn, weed the beds, trim hedges and trees, plant some flowers.
  • Windows. Repair or replace torn screens and broken windows.
  • Replace HVAC filter. Helps air smell fresher and buyers will look to see if you have been maintaining this expensive and necessary appliance.

Step 2. Clean

  • Appliances. Clean interior of all appliances. Also gather any user manuals and warranty information you have for them.
  • Clean gutters. Piles of leaves hanging over the gutters is a red flag and will be called out in most inspections.
  • Pressure wash house, driveway, pool deck, walkways.
  • Windows. Clean windows. You will be surprised how much clean windows brightens a home

Step 3.  Staging

  • Light fixtures. Updating light fixtures is an inexpensive way to update a room.
  • De-clutter. People put personal, meaningful items in their home to mark it as their own. When you want to sell your home, you need to reverse this process to allow a buyer to see the house as their home. You are going to move anyway, right? You don’t have to remove every trace of your existence or throw everything away but if you start your packing and remove very personal items such as most family photos, collectibles, knick knacks, stacks of paper, and everything on your fridge, your house will show better. At this stage it pays to take your personal stamp off your house so someone else can see it as their own.
  • Dust. You want surfaces to shine.



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