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Posted by Tracy on July 23, 2018
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Decorative spindle room divider

Easy DIY Update, how to remove decorative spindle room divider

DIY: Remove Spindle Room Divider

This is a quick and easy update for a mid-century home.

These types of spindle room dividers were popular back in the 60’s & 70’s to divide roomsbut can make a home feel dated and closed in. For a cleaner more updated look you can remove them easily. This is how I removed the posts to open up and update the space. Please be sure you have a qualified contractor check your particular situation to be sure there are no structural issues in your specific house.




What I used:
Reciprocating saw
Eye protection – (never use a saw of any type without good eye protection, just don’t do it!)
A step ladder


Step 1 remove decorative spinles

Make a cut at the narrow point of the post.


These spindles were installed by attaching them to a board at each end. Then the whole thing was installed as a unit, which makes it tricky to take down. So the trick to getting them out is to cut out the middle section.


Step 1. Use the saw to make a cut at a narrow section of each post about a quarter to a third
of the way down the post. in order to remove the middle section.





Step 2 remove spindle posts

Remove the middle section of each post.



Step 2. Use the saw to make a cut at a narrow section of each post about a quarter to a third
of the way to the top of the post and remove the middle section.






step by step remove decorative spindle posts

Begin removing the stubs.



Step 3. Use a hammer or crowbar to whack the stub left at the top and bottom of each post until
it comes off the nails attaching it, going slowly to avoid damaging the surface or ceiling






Easy DIY project remove decorative post room divider

Remove the stubs carefully.



(The stubs can be re-purposed. I use these all the time to lift furniture I am painting off the ground.)







Easy DIY project remove decorative post room divider

Stubs out. Pull off the trim board.


Step 4.  With the stubs out you can use a screw driver or crowbar to pull the remaining board off.
Be very careful and go slowly to avoid causing damage to the ceiling and the lower surface.







Ridge of paint on ceiling.

Ridge of paint on ceiling.


Be aware that what is underneath may not be painted or finished the same way as the surrounding area.
You will likely be left with a paint ridge left from when the posts were painted. This may require anything
from light sanding and touch up paint to heavy sanding, spackling and repainting.







After spindle removal

After spindle removal. So much better.



The result is worth it!

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